Posing Angie

How many ball jointed doll owners reading this pose/re-pose their doll(s) once a week?  How about every day?  Ahhhhh…. another junkie after my own heart.  It is addictive.  Of course proximity helps a lot.   I have a  “cubbie” in my staircase in which I place recently finished furniture pieces along with my doll Angie, providing the perfect opportunity to mess with her.  Occasionally, she gets into such a charming pose it simply must be retained for some time, but it’s a fun exercise in her best trait…..that would be being more limber than I am.

Ball Jointed DollsHere’s some new furniture, not yet ready for posting to my Etsy shop, but perfect for highlighting Angie “the poser” and some other new accessories which might interest the DIY’er in you.

BJD FurnituireShe looks a bit lost on this settee for 24″-26″ dolls, but finds it extremely comfortable.  She loves to relax in style.  I confess, playing with her and all the accessories, and then the big photo shoot, is more fun than I can say.  If you’ve followed me for a while you might notice the new end table and lamp. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Exquisite doll furnitureI’m working on a post to show how I made it and will also provide information to DIY’ers, who might not have my workshop of tools, to create end tables that perfectly fit their dolls.  The lamp is one of two new ones and I’ll bet no one can guess what the base is.  Come on.  Give me your best guess!  It’s very heavy and about 50 years old.  I found it at a local antique shop and with a pre-made shade, it’s just about perfect for dolls.

Of course, end tables and lamps, backdrops and carpets are only rivaled by fashionable seating like nothing else you can find in the known Universe (well that’s what I heard).  Everyone knows that when Voyager sent back a message from deep Space after finding highly intelligent life deep in the galaxy, the message read “Send more Chuck Berry and Little Big Chairs!!!”.  What more can I say?  Photography and dolls are popular everywhere and accessories make it more fun!

Here are a few of the poses Angie came up with this time.

Doll ChairsBJD Furniture     Tufted Doll Chair

Posing1Best Doll FurnitureFine Doll Furniture




SD Doll FurnitureDoll Furniture






New doll furniture from MyLittleBigChair!

New items will be added to my Etsy shop this Saturday, November 1st, at approximately 2:00 Central time.  Hope you have a moment in this beautiful Fall to check them out.  I will be adding more at the end of the month if you miss this batch.  Have fun!  Here’s a little peek.

Angie in doll chaise

Velvet Channeled Wing Chair for Dolls

Club chair for dolls

Channels, tufts & screens….Oh My!

It’s been a few months since I posted…..where does the time go?  I’ve been working on my house and doing lots of re-upholstery here in Austin.  There are a couple of little projects that I managed to squeeze in between moments in my busy life.

I’ll be posting three new items to Etsy later this week, but thought a little preview would be fun.  These photos give you just a peek at a very pale pink channeled wing chair for 24″ dolls and an olive velvet tufted chair for 14″ dolls.  All photos enlarge with a click.  You can find out how to make a garden door or window here and the pink and white marble floor here.

There will also be a really cute new Art Nouveau inspired screen for 18″ dolls.  Want to make one for yourself?  See how I did it here.

Also, keep your eyes peeled here at WordPress for instructions on the new pink and white “marble” floor, which is shown in the first photo of this post.  Thanks for looking!

Matching Damask SD Wing Chairs

This is my first pair of matching wing chairs.  A stately pair of matching chairs is such a classic sight  in the design world.  I can’t even tell you how many pairs of chairs I’ve re-upholstered in my career.  When I saw this fabric, with it’s small detailed scale and European look, I thought of castles and vampires and Gothic stuff of all manner, and of course, anything Steampunk.  What a fun look for a couple of wing chairs!  I love the way they turned out.  Perfectly matched.

The thing about a chocolate brown, besides working well on the dark side of Gothic, is that it looks so good with pink.  Angie looks very appropriate sitting there wearing pink and reddish orange silk.  It would be great if someone bought the pair, but I’ll probably offer them singly.  Me thinks that keeping them together would inspire a matching leather ottoman.  Hope you like them.