DIY Doll House Floor


You can easily make this pink and white marble floor for your doll photography or for a dollhouse floor.  I’ve pick a pattern I saw in a magazine, but you can google marble floors and find ultra fabulous patterns that can make you crazy looking at them.  They’re not that hard to figure out and since there are no rules… can’t go far wrong.

Start with your materials.  I’ve chosen a large piece of pink poster board which will serve as the base for the tiles and will show through as my “grout”.  Honestly, it’s a pink grout floor, but that didn’t have the zing that “pink marble floor” has, and I was going for subtle pink.  Also shown below (click on any photo to enlarge), are a couple of pieces of white poster board and some darker pink wall paper which will be used as accent tiles for this floor.  Some of the white poster board has already been cut into small rectangles which will be my white slate/marble tiles.


I started by drawing a very very very light pencil line on a diagonal across the pink board as a guide line to get started.  All you have to do is start placing the white marble tiles on the pink board with a touch of glue.  You don’t have to be perfect.  I only made the one guideline and eyeballed it from there, but do whatever you have to do to keep things in line and fairly square.


Keep adding more of the white tiles.  Below, you can also see that I’ve cut up the piece of wallpaper into small accent tiles.  You will have to figure out the scale of your floor to suit your needs at the start of the project.  I wanted pink “grout” to also show around the little accent tiles, so they were cut with that in mind.  Paste them in just like the big tiles.


Here’s a close look at the finished product and then a photo of the whole scene.  You might notice that the accent tiles are made from the same wallpaper as the wall.  These kinds of touches are fun to make and can add so much visual appeal to your doll photography or dollhouse.  The garden door in the last photo is fun to make and you can learn how here.   Hope you like it.  Thanks for looking.  Ask questions if you have any.  Best Wishes, Melanie




My Black and White Floor

Whether a black & white floor is marble, painted wood, or linoleum,  I love um!  They work in old castles, in 50’s diners, and best of all, in doll houses and doll photography.  My version was really simple to create.  I purchased four large sheets of 1/4 inch foam board at the local craft/hobby store.  Three were white and one was black.  This is a whole bunch of foam board, but then I was doing a fairly large area.  Two of the white ones were for the base (1/4 inch plywood would also work), while the other two were for the floor itself.

The squares on my floor measure 2.5 inches.  A quick search of the web will reveal many fabulous versions of this style of floor.  Patterns and sizes vary wildly, so there’s no right or wrong way to create one.  You get to choose.  I needed a floor that would span my bookcases for my furniture photography, so I broke it into two pieces for easy storage.

Marble comes in many colors.  My pink marble floor is made from pieces of Osborne & Little wallpaper, cut up and pasted to a piece of poster board.  I like the way the floors add drama and sophistication to my furniture.