Joanne Thomas

Inchelina Inspiration

Sometimes when I’m surfing the doll world I come across work that inspires me to be more than I am.  It’s a delicious moment when a doll maker affects me in a way that stimulates my own creativity, which describes what happened when I discovered the artist Joanne Thomas at Inchelina.  All of her work is amazing.  It’s detailed, emotional and beautiful, and expresses a complete vision of her subject.  When I saw her Princess Maud and Princess Alexandra, inspiration was immediate, and I knew what I wanted to make for them.  Click on photos to enlarge.

These sweet companions defined the shape of the furniture piece I would create. It had to be velvet. It had to be ornate. It had to be a love seat/settee that was tufted to the max, and wrapped around them, enveloping them in a perfect reflection of their intimacy.  A kidney shaped love seat rolled around in my mind for several months.  A shape like that would create a space which could allow these precious girls to feel ensconced and able to share their little secrets and deepest desires.  You can read Joanne’s writing about these young royals at her Etsy site.  Also, lots of great photos and latest work at her blog, and information about her process with the princesses in her 2010 Archives.   

Finally, I made time to do a drawing and figure the proportions.  The girls are very tiny, a scale that would have made all the elements I wanted to included very difficult, if not impossible.  I chose 1/3 scale so that it could have all the character I wanted to give it.  I’ll try it next time with 1/4 scale and see what happens.

A kidney shape creates a nice space for sitting, bringing the occupants knees closer together.  You have to really like someone to sit in this settee with them……love them….. and the princesses definitely have a deep and loving friendship.

This is definitely the most ambitious and complex piece yet and I’m very please.  Can’t you just see her girls sitting in this, arms around each other being their adorable selves?  Or, one nestled back into the curve and the other leaning toward her sharing the latest news?  You’ll see this item popping up in numerous photos around my blog and my flickr site.  I’ll post it to my Etsy shop……after I’ve finished playing with it.  Deepest appreciation to Joanne Thomas for sharing her talent and bringing me the best of Inspiration.  Hope you like it.