Welcome to the world of A. Morrison Millard!

Since I’ve been too busy to work on my doll furniture lately, I thought it might be fun to highlight some inspiration from around the web.  Pinterest is proving to be a great way to find stuff that inspires.  That’s where I discovered an amazing artist and doll furniture maker specializing in mid-century modern for 1:6 scale.  Yep!  That includes the mid-century babe of all babes…..Barbie!  

She is A. Morrison Millard.  I had a brief and fun email exchange with Annie Millard, who seems to be a very talented and very very busy lady.  We all know that Barbie is big.  I mean BIG.   So leave it her to create little furniture for one of America’s most collectable dolls in the style of the times.  

Mid-Century Modern

I am so inspired by this lady.  She does it all. Check out this room (above, click to enlarge all photos).  First of all, the whole shot is just perfect and beautifully cropped.  She does it all….the couch, the table, the carpeting, the lamp, the books, the window, and the framed portrait!   And here I thought I was getting obsessive.  Turns out there is much to aspire to with the likes of A. Morrison Millard around.  

50's banquetteSame thing with this room, the floor, the table (and it’s glitzy base), the banquette with it’s classic little lamps attached around the back, the brick wall, zebra covered frames on the art (casually cropped) a fabulous red bar stool, and last but not least, the amazing tiny L.A. Times sitting there for Barb & Ken to keep up with what’s up.  This really blows my mind.  

Mid-Century Mod

Mid-Century Modern accessories are so distinctive and Annie does them spot on.  That orange chair with it’s delicate metal work and the cocktail table with inset glass….oh my!   Her clocks and lamps are like being there.  Hey!  I was there.  My parents had a floor to ceiling 3 fixture tension lamp just like these!  I’m havin’ a flash back. 

Doll Accessories

Morrison Furniture StudioAnd be still my heart….the fireplace is just too good to be true.  Fire irons!  She makes fire irons!  I had to show both of these shots because the little red Barbie shoes are bringing back such memories.  But most noteworthy is that bee hive hairdo.  She’s amazing.  I remember those do’s so well.  When I was in grade school, all the cool high school girls wore gigantic teased hair styles.  Again, the wall, the window and art are just right and that brick wall knocks me out. 

Morrison Furniture StudioBarbie!These are just a few of the items at Morrison Furniture Studio (http://www.morrisonsfurniturestudio.com).  Check out her Archives to take a trip down memory lane, and if you’re not old enough to remember this era, you’ll definitely get the feel for this very unique time.  

Barbie furniture

Here are two more complete rooms.  The throw pillows and their fabrics are perfect.  This artist works in wood, metal, glass, fabric, photography….you name it, she does it.  The window shades in the final photo have me in tears they’re so divine, and the inspired use of matchstick blinds to create a wall is simply genius.  Annie, my hat is off to you.  Love your stuff!!

Barbie rooms