My Architectural Prints Photo Wall

Walls full of photos have always been a favorite decorating device.  The first time I did it was for my guy at his house in the late 70’s.  I bought inexpensive frames and used a book of black and white photos from the Mexican Revolution, which he loved, called The Wind That Swept Mexico.  The tiny living room had a wide arched opening into the dining room and I spread them all over the wall.  It really classed up the joint.

Photo walls are fun and give your doll photography a lot of depth…..if that’s your desire.  The space between my bookcases was perfect for a whole bunch of public domain architectural drawings, and I offer much thanks to Wikipedia Commons.  It brings tons of drama without adding color to the shot.  This won’t be the last one I try, even though it did take a little work, because I love this kind of project.  Click on all the photos to enlarge.

I purchased 1/4 inch balsa wood.  I thought, “Oh!  Balsa is so soft and will be so easy to cut!.”  Not.  Well, it does cut easily with the grain of the wood, but is a little tougher when cutting crosswise.  Nonetheless, first I designed the layout on paper, covering virtually the whole space, then cut the shapes.  Finding small pre-made frames that will work perfectly together is difficult, and can get expensive when you’re using this many.  I’m a DYI’er to the core, in case you haven’t noticed yet.

Then comes cutting out the centers and sizing the photos.  Two of them were cut out first, which allowed me to use that wood to make smaller ones.  This saved a lot on wood and all of the cutouts can be used to make smaller frames for other projects…..if I can only remember where I stashed them…..

Spray painting got fairly close to the desired look and lightly glueing the prints to the back of the frames to finish was easy.  You can see a small piece of fabric in the lower left corner under the frames, which was used for this photo to let me see how I liked the contrast of the fabric for the wall upholstery on which they might hang.  The white background of my design board created too much contrast against the black frames for the desired look.

This was my first big photo shoot with the library and tickled silly would be an understatement as I viewed the finished products.  Of course, after you start editing the ones that aren’t quite right there aren’t so many left over, but did I have fun?  Can’t wait to do another.  Always feel free to write me for help or with new ideas.  Ciao for now!