Welcome to Dolls, Doll Stuff, and Fun

I was just an upholsterer minding my own business when I collided with the world of dolls. Ouch! This world is really really big and leaves a big impression when you slam into it.  I continue to be amazed at the broad range of dolls and doll makers found on the web and love watching the creativity of all the individual artists continue to evolve.  Witnessing my own work change and grow is an amazing process and I’m happy to find a niche in this rich and creative environment.

Preparing my stuff for public viewing has taken me on a fun journey of doll accessories, props, & photography.  I’m having the creative time of my life.  Now, there are people out there who might be saying, “Just make more stuff for cryin’ out loud!”, but I confess, I’m loving all the details and all the groovy little extras that make showing off my stuff so much fun.  The fun part is paramount to my process.  Inspiration is essential.

This blog is for sharing photos that won’t fit on Etsy, previewing doll furniture projects that were of special interest to me, appreciating the doll makers who inspire my designs, and trying to give back to this community as much as I’ve received.  Thanks so much!