Lampshade Adornment

A ten inch strip of tape with crystals hanging from it had occupied space in my workshop for a couple of decades.  It was one of those items you’re certain would come in really handy a few weeks after you threw it away…..ten measly little inches of bling.

Then came the world of dolls and ten inches of sparkle suddenly seemed like a wealth of adornment for…..something?   If you’ve read my posts on lamp making, you know that the shades rest on a circle of clear plastic.  I glued the strip of crystals to a 1/2 inch wide circular piece of cardboard.

Of course, I could have permanently glued it to the bottom edge of a lampshade.  That’s the way it’s usually done in the Big World, but that would be so unalterable, so singularly useful, instead of a multitasking light catching eye grabbing delectably gaudy adornment!  I can see that you can see where this is going.

Versatility is a good thing.  No telling where it will show up next.  Hummm…a hat for Angie?