More Lamp Bases

My first post on lamp bases talked about a type that have a rounded body with a dowel coming out of the top.  This post is about a different style of lamp base, which could be used as a table or standing lamp.  It’s just a matter of the length of the pole.  This base is like the base of a microphone stand.  It gives the lamp stability, but doesn’t have a large profile, with an exposed length of pole going up to the shade.  Here’s a shot of the base I made for my Tiffany style lampshade.

Many of the lamps I make are electrified, so some of the examples will have elements to reflect that fact.  One of my first standing lamps, was designed for an ornate leaf pattern on the base.  I use a wood core to save polymer, but it can just as easily be solid clay.  The little cut out in the shape is for my electric cord to exit the lamp.

First, came a leaf cane in olive, gold and copper.  Then, the base was covered in copper and baked.  The last photo shows a short piece of PVC pipe used to support the “neck” of the base while baking.  You can also see my finished PVC lamp pole painted gold in the left bottom corner.

I used this PVC pipe because it perfectly holds the proper electrical part at the top (which the bulb screws into) and the cord is hidden inside.  It’s only drawback is it’s circumference is a bit large proportionally, and somewhat limited to SD sizes.  If you’re using LED lights, then you only have to decide on the size of the dowel that works with your design.  Your local hardware store will care a wide assortment of wood dowel sizes.  Click photos to enlarge.

I have three standing lamps in my house, so it was only natural that I would create some for my doll photography.   Don’t forget, this style can be perfect for table or standing lamps.  Questions or comments are appreciated.  Share a photo of your lamp with me at my Etsy shop or by emailing  Here’s the final product (with books hiding the cord).