My Doll Size Bookcase

My doll furniture photography has been slow to develop.  Well….it’s true.   I have so many work projects, play projects, house projects, and then there’s always food projects.  Things started to take off when I saw an ad, I think it was at the NY Times on-line, for a couch with lots of books surrounding it in the room.  About the same time I finally made it to Restoration Hardware and loved their bookcases filled with neutral colored books.  So I figure, I met my spouse when I worked at the library…..he still works at the library……and as much as we love electronic data, we still love books……hummmmm?  The seed was planted, or more accurately, the design and construction began.

I design and build furniture for approximately 14 inch to 28 inch dolls.  I can certainly go larger, but smaller is difficult.  My appreciation and amazment for those who design and build in miniature is large, but have trouble getting my stuff to work on a smaller scale.  Naturally SD is my favorite, but in deference to the smaller sizes, I designed this case to work for 21 inch dolls (whatever scale that is), which gives me more versatility.   The design was for two cases, one with a “finished” end on the left and one with a finished end on the right.  In doing so, they could be combined with their unfinished edges together, making a long single case, or, switch them so the finished edges are next to each other, but leaving space for a wall section between them. You can see my drawing of the design in the first photo.  Click on the image to enlarge it.  The second photo is my damask club chair sitting in the library with both sections joined.

Surprisingly, the bookcases turned out to be a managable weight.  Even filled with books, I can carefully pick up each one and set them on my cutting table in preparation for the big photo shoot.  Of course, there’s more involved than just the bookcase, but it does it’s job very well by providing me with an interesting backdrop.  Since they’re only about four inches thick, storing them against the wall of my shop is easy and painless.

Here’s a shot of my dolls, Angie and Tracie, relaxing in the library.  The shelves have been switched so the finished ends are facing towards the center of the photograph, and a wall section has been inserted.  As you can see I’ve decked out the room with other props, like my black and white “marble” floor and three pieces of my furniture, a lamp and end table, all of which I’ll be writing about in future blogs.  The painting is by one of the few famous female Impressionist painters, and an American, Mary Cassatt.  It’s called Lydia Leaning on Her Arms in a theatre box (1879) and I think it’s amazing.  This was a really fun project that will be the mainstay of My Little Big Chairs brand.  I hope you like it and will return to read about more of my stuff.  Last but not least, a photo (spoiler alert!!!;o) of the bookcase as it really is.  Click Here