Red is the new blond…….for dolls.

I could have worked on Angie (re-worked to be exact) for a long time.  My appreciation of doll makers is huge and I thank them for all the new elements and ideas I was able to add to this new version of her……TA DA!!!   Here she is.  Red is the new blond.
Angie, ball jointed doll
Red hair has always been a passion of mine.  Only 2%-6% of the population are natural red heads.  When I was a kid the “Breck” shampoo magazine ads always had three models and the one with auburn hair was always my favorite.  In my 3rd grade photo, my hair was surprisingly red…..sort of a strawberry blond, which turned to brown all too quickly for my taste.  In my 30’s, I spent a decade as a red head and loved it. Click on all photos to enlarge.
Redheaded doll
As I worked on my doll, giving her some new joints among other things, I really wanted her to go red.   Ever since I made Tracie’s hair out of Ultrasuede, I’ve been fascinated with this look, reminiscent of anime and manga.  It finally dawned on me to cut the pieces on a curve and then position them going in the direction I wanted.  This created a softer look.
And here she is sitting in her favorite settee wearing one of the new outfits I created.
 Redheaded dolls
My respect for all makers of dolls is immense.  I could have spent a few months tinkering with all the bits that make a bjd work.  Time constraints being what they are, it simply wasn’t possible, but I’m happy with what I accomplished and her new abilities.
One of the joys of bjd’s is versatility, so a blond bob seemed essential.  I think she still looks very much like herself (see Angie here if you didn’t know her before).
ball jointed dolls
She’s wearing her new negligee. I confess, I’m a little confused….kind of a mind split…. relating to them as separate dolls.  They’re so different!  And here she is channeling Marilyn Monroe wearing her new blue silk dragon top (with green silk pants).  She loves Marilyn.
marilyn monroe doll
doll in chaise longue
Seeing her in both personas makes you realize what a good wig can do if you ever find yourself on the lam after a bank robbery…… or simply in need of anonymity.   Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Red is the new blond…….for dolls.

  1. She is so pretty! Her red hair gives her such a great personality and she looks amazing.
    All her outfits are stunning, she is a pretty girl. Bjds are such fun and the different
    personalities are endless!

    • Thank you Linda! Thank goodness they’re as diverse as humans, otherwise, perfectionism would drive me crazy.

      I can just imagine how much fun I’d have posing a “real” bjd (one where the artist worked on a sculpt until it was perfect), but, my OOAK has given me a lot of pleasure and pushed my skills in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

      And bless Mom for teaching me how to sew. Although she never taught me how to inset a 1″ sleeve. ;o)

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